Lufttryk ben massageapparat / ben-massør

Lufttryk ben massageapparat / ben-massør

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Leg Massager / Air pressure leg massager
1.Improve blood circulation
2.Operated by battery /9V AC/DC adaptor
3.Air pressure massage

Air Leg Massager/Air pressure leg massager
• Relief your tight leg muscle.

• Gradual increasing pressure on soles, feet to legs gives you a continuous massage to promote blood circulation.
• One size fits all.
• Only 15 minutes per day, your legs will look and feel great.
• Fits up to 22" calf and up to a 29" thigh.
• This can Invigorates your body, Soothes muscle fatigue, Revolutionizes leg slimming, Calms tired legs, Relaxes muscles
• 4 Levels of Massage Programs
• Simulates the Pumping Action of Exercise
• Calms Tired Legs and Soothes Muscle Fatigue

Air Leg Massager Includes:
• 2 Leg Boots Massager
• 2 Thigh Massager
• Control Box
• 9V AC/DC Adaptor